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Hey ya'll!
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Welcome ya'll hillbillies, rednecks, hicks, down-south good ole boys and southen belles to the best Redneck community on LiveJournal! This is the place where ya'll can have a good time, the good ol' fashion redneck way!

This community is arfficially open fer business, er huntin'n'fishin', er muddin', er whatever ya'll are fixin' to do! Grab yarself some chitlins and grits, pull up a bar stool and let the shotgun weddin's begin! Wait just a cotton pickin' minute here, chitins and grits tastes like a Hardee's sausage biscuit, yep, sh*t! Make it beans and franks and ribs and hamburgs! Don't you be worryin' bout livin' in a double-wide er havin' a car on blocks on yer front lawn! Long as there's a couch on yer porch and ya got urself some suspenders in yar wardrobe yer more then welcomed here.

Ya'll come back now ya hear?!

[Community established July 4, 2003]

Redneck of the Month Club!

The March Redneck of the Month contest winner is atychiphobic22

Each month, a new Redneck of The Month will be selected, and the winning picture will be featured here on the home page of redneck! The rules are simple: the contest begins 7 days before the first Monday of the following month. Hmm.. I guess that is a bit confusing ain't it?
Each community member maye submit 1 entry per contest. The picture must be appropriate. On the first Monday of the month, a winner is selected! He/she will receive a Redneck of the Month stamp, like the one above, with his/her username which can be displayed in your user information! Submissions made prior to 7 days before the end of the contest will not be eligible. The start of the contest will be announced at the end of each month, 7 days prior to the first Monday of the following month.

The April Redneck of the Month contest will begin on March 28 and a winner will be chosen on April 4. Entries submitted prior to March 28 for the April Redneck of the Month contest will not be eligible.

Warning: Racism is NOT tolerated in this community. If you ignorant bastards wish to express your narrowminded theories regarding other races, I suggest you find some place else to go. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated! If you post anything that is considered to be racist by my team of moderators, you will be promptly removed from the community without notice. This policy will be strictly enforced. Also advertising for other communities is not appreciated here. If you advertise for another community your post will be deleted and you may be removed from the community.

Disclaimer: This community may contain entries with pictures or materials that are rated Any subsequent inappropriate material must be put behind a cut with a warning otherwise it will be removed. Clicking on this material is at your own risk however :) Thank you for your cooperation!

Contact: If you have any questions, comments or concerns ect., regarding redneck, please direct them to redneckcommunity@hotmail.com Please do not post them in my journal or in the community itself because chances are I will not see them and they will go unanswered.
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